Who Are we
We are a site/blog for all your hacks downloads and useful tips,
The intent of this blog is just about to make everything easier for the user.
Always searching for the shortest en available links to blogs and other software.
Started in march 2013 when i just wanted a webserver for myself.
Later that year i wanted  to go  blogging with wordpress,  So i did.
I just wanted to put everything I know online, not only for me but also for other people.
With more than 200 visitors per day, We have become a well-known small blog.

What can we do
We create products for educational purposes. And ofcourse for myself :)
All our products are open source and free to use.

What do we do
*Video Editing
*Foto Editing
*Game Editing, Visual And Programming
*Securing systems
*Setting up mail servers
*Website making

Our Products/Experience,
Port Scanner:
Scanning a network connected system having open ports.
Created in 27 May 2013 by me for educational purposes and home use.

A small program created in DOS, Within this Program It contains smaller programs.
What are easy small and handy, Created in 25 april 2013  for educational purposes and home use.
For more info see products tab.

Multitools 2:
A newer version of multitools, With different smal programs.
Created in 11 July 2014 for home use/Freeware. For more info see products

Horax Webbrowser:
A experimental creation, Created in visual basic and c++.
All standard components of Internet Explorer are used into Horax web browser, like Page Setup, Print page and more. It is not possible to own favorites to add or to open different tabs.
However, it is possible to open a new window in the File / New screen.
There are also useful tools / Proxy websites under horax links.
Created 26 May 2013
For more information see te page under the tab Products.

Thermonuclear War:
A text based war game in DOS, Expect nothing because this was created in 4 Hours for a school project. Created in DOS on 5 March 2013.

In most cases, the downloads from the blog are not our products, Also the downloads are not comming from Horax.
It may occur that a download is called themselves as harmful or as a threat.

All products and programs are tested and save to use.

On entering or downloading of this site, Means that you automatically accept our terms and conditions. Please read the link bellow this message for more.PrivacyPolicy&TermsofUse The Website is available only who are at least 18 years old. If you are not yet 18 years old, you must stop using the Website immediately.